Additional Services  for TW Team athletes:

Coach Consultations

Let's make a plan! Previous season review and upcoming season planning – Race scheduling and prioritizing – Weekly training layout – Short &Long Term Goal Setting – Race Nutrition and Intensity strategies – Race Evaluation & advice – Equipment choices & budgeting advice…Beginner to Elite level athletes – Get your answers from a full-time triathlon professional coach. Personal one-on-one advice or great for training partners - $30/additional person. Includes 1 hour consultation and follow-up information or material supplied where appropriate. 


All prices given are in Canadian Dollars. 5% GST applies.

Location: Available on ZOOM/SKYPE/FACETIME/PHONE.

Triathlon Bike-Fit

Available in Penticton (and regional) British Columbia - Specializing in triathlon bike-fit for optimal pedal efficiency, comfort, power and aerodynamic positioning – Includes athlete analysis (history of injury, experience, goal events, etc) and includes Computrainer Spin-Scan pedal analysis and critique. $149.00 (Allow 2 hours).

Bike/Run Lactate Testing

Available in Penticton (and regional) British Columbia - Bike test carried out on Computrainer and run test on a treadmill.

Heart Rate, Power and/or pace zone* calculation provided in test report.

(*Power/Pace zones if required).

First Test: $149.00 (Allow 1 hour)
Follow-up Tests: $129.00 (Allow 1 hour)

Mobile Service Available - cost varies depending on location and number of athletes tested - Contact for quote and to arrange multiple test sessions.


To inquire about any service, Email: