Coaching is currently accepting applications for personalized coaching and will offer new training programs for the 2020 race season. 

It's important to note that while our focus at Triathlon Warrior is on Long Distance triathlon, if you are a new triathlete considering an IRONMAN or HALF (70.3) as a long term goal, we do include and structure training around, Sprint and Standard distance races as part of your IRONMAN progression.


Kevin Cutjar is an IRONMAN Certified Coach, who began triathlon is his mid 20's, as a mid-pack age grouper without any prior athletic background, evolving to become a consistent Top 10 Ironman Finisher and Ultraman Champion. He started guiding other triathletes in 1998. Now in his 50's, with over 20 years as a full-time coach, competitive endurance racer and mentor, with vast experience in long distance racing, he still has a passion for the endurance sport lifestyle and the IRONMAN journey. Whether seeing yourself crossing the finish-line and hearing the words "You Are An Ironman" is a bucket-list goal or a podium result is an absolute must, CoachKev builds training programs and provides consistent guidance and support, to help take your triathlon fitness to a whole new level and bring out your internal WARRIOR, to get the job done! 

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