IRONMAN DISTANCE IN ONE DAY: Starting at 7am this Saturday Sept 26th, there will be a 3.8km open water swim, 180km ride on the planned Ironman course and a 42.2km run, using part of the Ironman course and then Lakeshore/Channel pathways. 

IRONMAN DISTANCE IN TWO DAYS: The option exists for athletes to do the swim and bike on Saturday and the Marathon on Sunday. Run start will be 7am from the Peach on Lakeshore Drive on Sunday.  

TRAINING: Swim, bike and run the Ironman distances or part there-of, starting in conjunction with those doing the full distances. Various options - there are athletes training for Ironman California and other events that will work this into their training program.


Updated September 22nd,

  • OK lake was calm and 14.5degC at 7am today and outside temp was 14.3. If that was the case on race day ITU rules would reduce the swim from 3800m to 3000m
  • We would advise 1900km, with the option for individuals to extend to 3800 at their own discretion, after 1900m.
  • At 6.30am today the north end of Skaha Lake was very rough due to a continued south wind and it felt colder than OK lake.  
  • Final decision on Swim details will be made on Saturday, but we should have a fair idea by Friday evening. 
  • F2C Glyco-Durance will be available on the bike and run courses - Bike aid stations will be at 64k, 100k, 140k, 155k(or 160 if we swim in Skaha). Run aid stations will be about every 4km on the multi-lap course (on Saturday).
  • Anyone able to provide support, please just email through the contact page and we’ll get back to you soon.











Since this is really just a personal challenge and training day - outside support is allowed and encouraged.

If you have family members who are available to help you, other athletes, or with aid stations, please let me know. 

A “Pre-Event” meeting - tentatively 6pm Friday night near the Peach will be held to do a final run-through on the weekend. 

If anyone is interested in participating on any level, please contact Kevin Cutjar through to connect. 


SWIM: Our preference is to swim the full distance 3.8km in Okanagan Lake. This will be dependent on Water temperature (and air temp). TriBC (ITU) guidelines will be used to determine the options for swimming. If necessary we’ll use Skaha Lake if it’s warmer on they. We’ll aim determine this on Friday night. Local pools are not available. Without a swim, we'll plan to just bike and run - from Okanagan Lake at 7am Saturday. 

BIKE - It’s up to all riders to know the course. If we use Skaha Lake we’ll add 6k into the out and back section  in Willowbrook and the ride will end near the Peach on Lakeshore Dr.

RUN - In either case, Saturday or Sunday, the plan is to run the first 10km of the Ironman course, see official website for details. Once back to the Peach at 10km, the planned/recommended is to run Lakeshore drive and the channel - this will be a triple out and back - basically running out 5.3km from the peach, then back - and doing that 3 times. This allows us to limit aid station requirements, keep everyone close to town and also mostly under street-lights, for those running after dark. It's good to see each other lots, so multiple out/backs work well.

We may look at changing that run course for Sunday's run, to be a double out and back on the lower section.