WINTER 2023 Indoor Cycling on ZOOM!


TRIATHLON WARRIOR's Winter Indoor Cycling Program is designed for triathletes and cyclists of all abilities and now operates on ZOOM.  These are LIVE* rides, conducted on the ZOOM online meeting platform, lead by a Certified Coach, where will improve cycling efficiency, endurance, strength and power, plus skills and knowledge about pacing and race strategies, to take you to the next level. If  you ride for recreation and fitness, or have triathlon or cycling goals, you will benefit from this program. Suitable for any cyclist or triathlete, looking to RIDE FASTER in endurance events.

*Recordings of all rides are available if you miss a Live ride.

This 11 week Winter Program Builds through 4 PHASES:

1) Endurance - This initial phase builds aerobic and muscular endurance, with a focus on improved pedal mechanics for efficiency and strength, to prepare for the harder training ahead. 

2) Strength - The strength phase uses high muscle tension (big gear) work and climbing simulations to build cycling specific strength, for better sustained climbing and long intervals into the wind. 

3) Power - High intensity intervals, performed in the drops, aerobars, sitting up or out of the saddle, all help to increase your critical power - the maximum amount of power you can sustain, for a given period of time. 

4) Time Trial - OR SPEED - This is were it all comes together - Structured, sustained intervals at just below, at, or over, your Anaerobic Threshold. Workouts that will test your physical and mental strength, while helping to increase your reserve of strength and power in your endurance races. 

+ Saturdays - Saturdays are generally always aerobic (sub threshold efforts) and run for 90 minutes in duration for the first 5 weeks, then build up to 3 hours over the remaining 6 weeks. You always have a shorter option if you prefer. 

Remember! These are coached workouts, during which all aspects of endurance training and competition are discussed, including: Nutrition and hydration for training and competition, equipment choices, race strategies and any other related topic you wish to cover. You'll have contact with your coach and feedback is provided along the way

What do I need ?

  • A computer or device with internet connection, browser or ZOOM app installed.
  • Your own bike on a stationary Magnetic or Fluid OR Smart trainer.
  • A cycle computer/device showing cadence and rear wheel speed (km/h) or power (watts). 
  • Heart Rate Monitor (to help gain valuable info and get the most out of your training.
  • Cycling shoes with clip-in pedals, clothing, towel, front wheel support, drink/nutrition for each workout....

How does it work ?

  • You ride in the comfort of your own home, following instructions from your coach, who you'll see on your computer screen.
  • Once registered for the program, you'll receive invitations to the live rides via email - just click on the link.
  • Your coach will let you into the Live ride.
  • You'll see and hear your coach, who will guide you through your workout, as well as written instructions of the workout. 
  • Ideally you'll have your camera on, so your coach can see you ride and others can see you in the group.
  • Live rides are recorded and links are emailed out, if you miss the live or prefer to ride later in the day. 

When are the LIVE ZOOM rides and how much do they cost ?

  • Live Rides are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings at 6am and Saturdays at 7am (Pacific Time*) 
  • Due to the progressive nature of the program, it's best to sign up for the entire 11 weeks. See options below:
    1. Tues-Thur only - 11 weeks/22 sessions/22 hours - $176.00 ($8/hr)
    2. Wed-Sat only - 11 weeks/22 sessions/33.5 hours - $235.00 ($7/hr)
    3. Tues-Thur-Sat - 11 weeks/33 sessions/44.5 hours - $267.00 ($6/hr)
    4. Saturdays Only - 11 weeks/sessions/22.5 hours - $180.00 ($8/hr)
    5. Weekday Drop-in - available up to 1 hour pre-ride - $10.00 ($10/hr)
    6. Saturday Drop-in - available up to 1 hour pre-ride - $10.00 ($10/hr)

* PT - Penticton Time, West Coast, British Columbia Canada ;)

IMPORTANT - FREE DEMO CLASS -Try a class before signing up. If you choose not to continue, you owe NOTHING!

MISSED WEEKS OR STARTING THE PROGRAM LATE - Program will be pro-rated for the weeks you're available to ride. 

Fall 2022 - 7 weeks - NOW CLOSED

November 8th to December 24th, 2022

Fall and early winter program focuses on technique, skills, efficiency and strength for triathletes and cyclists of all levels. 

Winter 2023 - 11 weeks - OPEN NOW

January 3rd to March 18th, 2023

Winter focus progresses through Endurance, Strength, Power and Speed for better climbing, time-trialing, triathlon and overall cycling fitness. Includes test-sets, course simulations, workout challenges.