"Base Training" for Long Distance Triathletes & Cyclists.

Easter 2023 - April 7th-10th, 

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The Penticton Easter Base Camp is 3-4 days of aerobic intensity "base" training for cyclists and triathletes focusing on long distance events. The primary focus is on CYCLING. It has been a season-starter for Western Canadian athletes for 20+ years - While this camp has never officially had an IRONMAN CANADA FOCUS, with that event returning in 2022, we will include on-course training and advice, for those interested in IMC, throughout the camp weekend. This camp also provides the opportunity for on-course training for other local events, including the Peach Classic Triathlon and Okanagan GranFondo. This is a great weekend of supported training, in a fun atmosphere.

Lead by former professional triathlete and full time coach, Kevin Cutjar, groups of 8-12 riders cover local race courses and other routes visiting athletes don't usually experience. Riders will be grouped by ability, experience, 2022 season goals and and current fitness level, or desired ride distance (or time) for each day. For triathletes, a coached swim and supported run routes are provided.

Regarding Cycling ability - Minimum: You need to have reasonable good cycling fitness, a basic knowledge of your bike, have a good understanding of road rules and be able to confidently ride 70+ km. Group riding experience is beneficial, but not essential. Tight "bunch" riding is discouraged for the less experienced or for anyone with aero-bars. Within the group structure, riders are encouraged to ride at a sensible pace for the group and stick together....

Competitive? While we accommodate and encourage newer athletes, we have some very accomplished ride-guides to cater to the most competitive athletes. This camp will (also) suit strong athletes who are out for a big volume spring training camp. We will endeavour to challenge you with Distance and/or Elevation Gain targets!! (As always, weather permitting!) 

BTW - regarding the Weather..... in 20 years of hosting this camp at Easter, we've never been "driven" indoors to ride! If riding looks unsafe, we'll modify the schedule to suit - otherwise come prepared to ride!!  ....and run..... in any conditions -  we do swim indoors though!... on that note.....

One 60 minute swim workout will be held at the Penticton Community Centre pool, which also includes hot-tub, steam-room and sauna, which may appeal any non-swimmers.

See tentative schedule below.......



FULL CAMP - $399.00 3+ Days* - Attend Friday, Saturday & Sunday (+ Bonus Monday)

*Includes all activities and meals throughout entire camp:

PARTIAL CAMP - $299.00  2+ Days** - Attend Friday & Saturday, Friday & Sunday OR, Saturday & Sunday (+ Bonus Mon) 

**Includes welcome dinner and anything provided on days attended: 

CAMP SOUVENIR GARMENTCAD$99.00 (Optional purchase after camp) - Jakroo Cycling Jersey. 

ADDITIONAL DINNER TICKETS - Will be available for non-participating family and friends. 

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and 5% GST applies.


  • Supported training - rides and runs.
  • Friday Night Welcome dinner.
  • 1x Breakfast or Brunch (to be confirmed).
  • Pool Admission + coached swim workout for triathletes and hot-tub/sauna/steam-room access to all.
  • Optional Covid-Comeback Camp - Jakroo Cycling Jersey - will be delivered after the camp.

Camp Inquiries & Registration: email



Locations for meeting places, meals, info sessions etc, will be confirmed to registrants via email, prior to the camp.

Planned ride/run routes may change due to weather conditions or other logistics.  

DAY 1 - FRIDAY - Welcome, Ride, Run, Eat and Socialize!

8.30 - 9:30am: Camp Check-in, Introductions and Preview of the day ahead. Come prepared to ride. We will leave directly after the ride briefing. Coffee and Tea Provided at sign-in.

9:30am - 1:30pm: Cycling - Rides vary from 70k to 100k. Will include Green Mountain Road and option for last 50km of Ironman Canada Course.

3:00 - 4:00pm: Run - 30 to 60min - An out-&-back route - Run at your own pace. You can choose your own turnaround point.

4:30 - 5:30pm:  Available**  Tire Changing Clinic - learn to repair (or practice) your flat tire changes - become fast and efficient at flat repair.

6:30 - 8:30pm: Welcome Dinner & Presentation

           7:00pm - Dinner Served.

           8.00pm - Presentation: Training and Racing, by coach Kevin Cutjar.

DAY 2 - SATURDAY- Swim, Bike Long bike day & swim!

9:00am: Info session - SWIM TRAINING for TRIATHLON. 

10:00-11am: Swim session for Triathletes Penticton Community Centre Pool - Coached Endurance Workout and Hot-Tub available.

12noon: Ride Briefing & Ride – Please come prepared to ride.

12:30am - 4:30pm - Cycling - Distance options available up to 120km - including sections of Ironman Canada and Okanagan GranFondo Courses.

****** Saturday Night = Free Night! ******

DAY 3 - SUNDAY - Long Run Day &/or Pile on the bike miles - Don't miss Pub Night!

8:00am - Endurance (Long) Run -  Runners meet - Run up to 2 hours. No further than your recent longest run! Scenic out and back route.

10.00 - 11.00 am - Breakfast/Brunch + Mini-lecture info session.

12.00pm: - Cycling 30 - 80km - Recovery Spin or longer ride options

6.00pm - PUB NIGHT & Camp Wrap-up – (Location TBA)

DAY 4 - MONDAY - Bonus Day!

8:00am: Cycling - Various distance options available, before heading home! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Schedule or planned training times and routes may change on short notice, due to weather conditions.



Camp Inquiries & Registration: email

2023 Base Camp Refund Policy - 75% of the registration fee is refundable for cancellations up until Midnight March 14th, 2023. For cancellations between March 15th and March 31st, 50% of the camp fee may be used toward another service* during 2023. Sorry, but there will be no refunds after midnight March 31st, 2023