New training plans - Coming for 2022 season

TRIATHLON WARRIOR - Training Plans come in two levels, Performance and Podium: It's always important to be realistic with your current fitness and ability level, especially with respect to history of injury and also your weekly schedule and responsibilities outside of training. More is not always better. If you can be consistent with 10 hours per week of training (for a Half Iron 70.3), but struggle to fit in the workouts to reach 14 or more, then you will not benefit from the higher volume and training load, of the Podium program. 

TW - PERFORMANCE PLANS - If you're in your first couple of years of triathlon or have less hours available to train, you'll benefit greatly from this level and it will take you to the next level. Training sessions for each individual sport are blended together to allow for gains to be made in each sport as you progress toward your race. 

TW - PODIUM PLANS - For the more experienced athlete who is able to benefit from a greater training loads. There are more hours and more intensity in the workouts, so a good base of sport specific fitness and resilience, along with a schedule that allows for more recovery time, is required, to benefit from the Podium Plans. It's a good idea to complete a TW Performance Plan prior to taking on the Podium Plan. 

IRONMAN 70.3 - Performance Plan - 13 weeks @ 10-12 hours per week - $129.00 AVAILABLE SOON

IRONMAN 70.3 - Podium Plan - 13 weeks @ 12-16 hours per week - $129.00 AVAILABLE SOON

IRONMAN - Performance Plan - 20 weeks @ 12-16 hours per week - $199.00 AVAILABLE SOON

IRONMAN - Podium Plan - 20 weeks @ 16-20 hours per week - $199.00 AVAILABLE SOON

Purchase of any Triathlon Warrior Training Plan includes access to the TW MemberZone via our desktop or mobile platforms. The TW MemberZone provides resources such as your personal training calendar, training and race preparation and execution advice, endurance sport nutrition tips and more.

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