Personalized Coaching - 2022

Kev Cutjar offers personalized triathlon coaching to triathletes regardless of location. Training Plans are delivered (and monitored) through a private access MemberZone of this website and coach contact is via the internal message system, email and regularly scheduled phone consultations.

Programs are designed to take athletes through all stages of an annual training cycle and may be structured around your local resources, work & personal commitments. Your own strengths and weaknesses, short and long term goals and upcoming events are taken into account. CoachKev will provide advice on all aspects of training and competition and help you develop rock solid training techniques in your journey together. 


Performance Program


  • Initial one-on-one consultation (60 mins).
  • Fully personalized training program.
  • Training zone calculations (Heart Rate &/or Power).
  • Monthly phone consultation with your coach (30mins).
  • Weekly email communication with your coach.
  • Weekly feedback and program adjustments based on logged training data.
  • Included TW Team Membership with all benefits, including discounts on Zoom Cycling, Training Camps, Team Apparel and additional services.
  • Monthly coach webinars - Live/Recorded on Zoom.
  • No Start-up fee - 3 month commitment required.

*Canadian Dollars + 5% BC-GST applied to coaching fee. Minimum commitment to Performance Program - 3 months.

  • To maintain a suitable level of coach contact, space is limited for these programs.
  • Coaching package includes advice on weekly training structure, training periodization, goal setting & event selection, training intensity, endurance sports nutrition & carbo loading, mental preparation, race strategies, strength training, rest & recovery.
  • There is no start-up fee, however a 3 month minimum commitment and maintaining a one month advance payment of training fees and a 1 month notice of cancellation is required.

If you're interested in having Coach Kev Cutjar in your corner this season send him a quick message HERE