Triathlon Warrior Coaching - Penticton BC.

Personalized training programs and local coached workouts are packaged for athletes living the Penticton area, of British Columbia, Canada. Programs take athletes through a yearly training cycle. Whether new to triathlon or experienced racer, coaching offers a personalized program structured around local resources, your work & personal commitments, your own strengths and weaknesses, short and long term goals toward your upcoming events.

Your coach will provide advice on all aspects of training and competition, to help you develop sound training techniques and race strategies, to set you up for personal best performances in the races that matter the most, to you!

Packages include advice on weekly training structure, training periodization, goal setting & event selection, training intensity, endurance sports nutrition & carbo loading, mental preparation, race strategies, strength training, rest & recovery.

Penticton Performance Program, $249.00*


  • Monthly 1on1 coach consultation (45mins).
  • Personalized training program and log.
  • Monthly group seminar.
  • Weekly email contact with coach.
  • Weekly coach feedback (on logged training) and training program adjustments as required.
  • 2-3 Coached Group workouts per week, year round, including:
    • Nov-March - Indoor cycling program - unlimited weekly sessions. 
    • April-June - 1xBike and 1xRun per week
    • July-Aug - 1x Swim, 1xBike and 1xRun per week
    • Sept-Oct-Nov - 2x (Bike or Run) sessions per week.
  • 10% discount on TW Team Apparel
  • 10% discount on Bike-Fits and Lactate testing.
  • 20% discount on training camps. 
  • This service includes season structure and race planning, strategy, advice and analysis.

*Canadian Dollars - 5% GST applies - Coaching fee + GST required at Checkout = $261.45

If you're interested in Coaching, CONTACT US to arrange a meeting. 

To sign up for Penticton Local coaching, please CLICK HERE

For info on the Indoor Cycling SPIN Class at Penticton Community Centre, CLICK HERE